Tabs, News and a New Program
Quite a few things on today's update!
To make moving around the app a bit more seamless, we've divided up the pages into three key tabs:
  • Home, where you can see your emissions information)
  • Offset, where you can offset your emissions and see how your subscription is going
  • Settings, where you can tweak the app to your liking!
Program News Feed
We're starting to roll out program news feeds so you can stay up to date with how your offset subscription is going! It's currently on the following programs from OneTreePlanted:
  • Australia
  • India
  • Haiti
  • Brazil
  • Vietnam
  • Philippines
  • Indonesia
We'll be rolling out more soon, so watch this space!
New Partner
We're super happy to welcome ChaseAfrica into the mix with their new offset program in Kenya!
Green Electricity and Gas
Already paying for renewable energy in your utility bill? We now have an option in our questionnaire that takes this into account!
Misc fixes and changes
It wouldn't be a good update without fixing some pesky bugs, so here's the latest:
  • Fixed a bug where "cancel your subscription" button might not appear
  • Profile completion status no longer requires a photo
  • Added more location information to some of the offset programs
That's all for today, folks! 🎄